Andrew Piper has been running ‘Peak Bingo’ for a couple of years, which raises money for all preserved Peaks based on the bonus ball drawn in the Lotto. This is how it works…

1)  Firstly you pick six numbers between 1 and 59.
2)  Send them to Andrew via email and pay £20 by bank transfer or mail a cheque

Depending on how many lines you do or how many people play decides the total prize money. Current Prize fund is £3000.
For one lucky winner £2000 Jackpot with a £1000 in other prizes (5 Numbers and No Numbers) and loco owning group receiving £3000!
Most Loco Group benefits in turn.

Over £30,000 has been raised so far.

Once there has been a winner all players pay another £20 and another game starts. The more lines, the bigger the donation / prize, so if any friends etc. want to play, get them involved. You can win the cash, but the main idea of this is to raise money for the locos. You receive a copy of the spreadsheet with a list of everyone's numbers chosen and receives weekly updates.
So please get picking those numbers and send your money to:
A. Piper, 155 Fairwood Rd, Fairwater, Cardiff
Email address  piper127@virginmedia.com